I believe that every child has a right to a free education.  We must think of our future and the next leaders of this great nation. The elimination of educational programs such as after school programs, music in the schools, career and technical education, career development.  Larger class sizes are a NO NO. The academic achievement of our children and decreasing the effectiveness of their teachers create a crippling generation. The future of our country lies in the hands of our youth and I will do everything in my power to ensure they receive all the resources necessary to prepare them to be future leaders.

Pennsylvania’s education rank is lower than we’d like, the scores and workload has raised a lot of questions. I know for a fact that we have a great school system and influential schools when it comes to colleges and universities. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with students from a few state schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, and East Stroudsburg University, Scranton University and Marywood to name a few which validate my quality of our education system.

How can we keep people and businesses in our community and state? We all must lend a hand in training great minds and showing them not just what Pennsylvania has to offer, but what they can offer our beloved state.

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    Now a day’s education is most important for every child because in future without education they can’t do anything. Many example upload in this site about non educated person so try to well educate and in future you can got many opportunities.
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